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LexisNexis recently advised that Mitigation in Ontario Employment Law by Dana DuPerron (Editor) and Paul Willetts (Editor) will be published on October 31.  With input from experienced employer- and employee-side counsel across the province, Mitigation in Ontario Employment Law offers a detailed analysis of the many legal intricacies of mitigation, as well as practical tips for lawyers about how best to handle mitigation issues in their cases. This text is a must-have for anyone practicing in the area of employment law in Ontario.

Associate Lawyers Hayley Yorke and Erin Hansen recently were recognized as contributors to this important publication.  Hayley and Erin worked together to author Chapter 5: Statutory Entitlements and the Duty to Mitigate.

Some of the topics covered are:  evidence required to demonstrate a failure to mitigate, how the courts respond to a failure to mitigate, when income is considered part of mitigatory earnings, statutory entitlements and the duty to mitigate, duty to mitigate in the context of constructive dismissal, mitigation in fixed-term contracts, exceptions to the duty to mitigate, plus much more.

Who should read this book?  Employment lawyers who need guidance on mitigation which is intrinsic to all wrongful dismissal and constructive dismissal cases, in-house counsel who must deal with the finer points of employment law on a regular basis, non-legal professionals in human resources who are required to understand employer rights and obligations, Judges who preside over employment law, or other decision-makers at various tribunals that deal with loss of employment income, law students who require an overview and examination of mitigation as a core employment law topic and ;aw libraries that need to have the most up-to-date reference materials available.

Congratulations Hayley and Erin for all of your hard work in bringing this book to publication!